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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912404
Do you suffer continuous back pains? Do you have arthritis, rheumatoid or fibromyalgia? Now you can relieve the pain of all these traumas with the help of ARTHROCANN heat effect.ARTHROCANN heat effect is a natural anti-inflammatory gel of Annabis that promote blood circulation thanks to its excellen..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912403
ARTHROCANN Collagen and Omega 3-6 is a food supplement of Annabis designed to reinforce bones and cartilage naturally. Suitable for adults or children over 3 years, especially for athletes or seniors.Made with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids extracted from flax and hemp seeds and the NaturCOLLAX complex (..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912449
Annabis atopicann is a cream based on natural ingredients that relieves the symptoms of the most sensitive skins such as itching, redness or peeling. Enriched with hemp, it acts as a natural treatment for symptomatic irritations of the skin.Formulated with natural ingredients, such as hemp seed oil,..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912413
Sua pele precisa de cuidados diários, desta forma, você ajudará a prevenir infecções ou alterações na pele.BALCANN é a pomada natural da Annabis que ajuda a tratar a pele de crianças e adultos, especialmente para regenerar a pele com condições de pele (psoríase, eczema, alergias, estrias ...). Enriq..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912414
BALCANN is a natural gel based on natural ingredients of Annabis that helps relieve the symptoms of very dry and rough skins, with irritation or tendency to cracking. Enriched with hemp oil, oak bark, colloidal silver and aloe vera that promote regeneration and inflammation of the skin.Its easily ab..
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912416
Your skin needs daily care, in this way, you will help prevent infections or skin changes.BALCANN is the natural ointment based on Annabis Oak that helps to treat damaged, cracked, dry, irritated or itchy skins. Suitable for adults or children with sensitive or problematic skin, especially to apply ..
Ex Tax:5.78€
Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912437
BIO hemp oil from Annabis is perfect for cold cooking, whether salads or other foods. Made with high quality oil 100% cannabis seed of Canadian origin and cold pressed. Hemp is a natural ingredient rich in vitamins (A, B, E, C and D), minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron) and unsaturated..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912436
Oil made in cold first pressure of certified organic hemp. It is an oil of greenish color, with a natural nutty flavor and the characteristic aroma of hemp. Cannabis Oil for consumption is very beneficial for the body, since it is very rich in Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, essential for our..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912432
BODYCANN Annabis shampoo is indicated to intensively and naturally care for the hair and scalp. Thanks to its active ingredients, it promotes hair health, providing more shine and softness. In addition, it helps prevent excessive hair loss and reduces the formation of dandruff.It is a shampoo based ..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912433
BODYCANN Annabis gel is indicated for the care of atopic or hypersensitive skin. That is, it helps prevent possible dermatological conditions such as peeling, itching or redness of the skin.Enriched with sandalwood oil and Atlantic cedar that provide an antiseptic and antibacterial effect for body c..
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Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912418
CANNOL is the Annabis hemp oil that helps regenerate and soothe the skin of the body. In addition, CANNOL is combined with other natural oils (clementine oil, grapefruit or mandarin), so it can also be used to massage and provide a soothing effect and relief of muscle pain or tension.* This containe..
Ex Tax:5.78€
Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912426
Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body, penetrating deep into all layers of the skin, providing tension and natural freshness.CREMCANN HYALURON is the rejuvenating facial cream of Annabis that helps to attenuate facial wrinkles, restoring the natural balance of the skin. Enriched with me..
Ex Tax:5.78€
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