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Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798013
It is a live microbial product.Strains of BACTOBLOOM benefit plants by various mechanisms:They produce active metabolites that stimulate the growth and productivity of plantsThey produce active metabolites that reduce stress caused by adverse environmental conditions and deleterious organisms.They d..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798015
Bactofil stimulates and protects crops.Water soluble powder composed of bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root of the plant.Results:Explosive root productionIt stimulates growth.Protects against fungi.Provides extra NPK..
Ex Tax:16.10€
Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798016
Bactohemp is a water soluble powder product based on bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root of the plant.The addition of BactoHemp to the substrate produces:Explosive root production, more root development, more growth and resistance to drought.It is 100% Ecological and suitable ..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798028
Liquid mixture of complexed micronutrients. When using the product in spray treatments, the photosynthesis processes are stimulated, the minerals added being absorbed and stored in the cells located in the surface of the leaves, stems and fruits. In this way, the crop is strengthened and the cuticul..
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Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798030
Ecological insecticide and acaricide thatbases its effectiveness on active ingredientsnatural Protects and strengthens plantsafter its application since it creates in atemporary a physical barrier with effectsecant that contributes to improvingR esistencia of the plant against attacksfungiCompositio..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Brand: AGROBACTERIAS Model: 798033
Ecological assistant to conditioner of nutrients mixes and a powerful cleaner of the molasses produced by the plague insects on the leaves of the plants, facilitating their elimination with the washes. The amino acids contained in the formulation give it a stimulating and bioactive effect, restoring..
Ex Tax:4.00€
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