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Brand: ARIZER Model: 912782
Includes: 3′ or 6′ High Quality Food / Medical grade tubing with attached Glass Elbow Adapter, Dome Screen, and Glass Whip Mouthpiece..
Ex Tax:19.99€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912857
A replacement battery for Arizer's Air and Air II vaporizers. These high-power, high-quality and truly durable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries...
Ex Tax:24.99€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912803
Replacement lithium ion battery for AIR - ARIZER vaporizer. This battery has excellent power and quality, in addition to being very durable...
Ex Tax:19.61€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912755
Spare charger for the Solo vaporizer. With this charger version the vaporizer can be used while it is being charged. FEATURES:Output Voltage (V) - 7.4..
Ex Tax:32.39€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912777
Replacement screen pack for Extreme Q and V-Tower vaporizers. This package includes 4 high quality domed stainless steel screens...
Ex Tax:6.99€
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