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Brand: HYDROMASTER HM-200 HM DIGITAL Model: 411110
HM-500 HydroMaster for continuous control of pH, electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature with very high precision. The tool can also measure total dissolved solids (TDS).touch screen LCD screenPH range: 0-14, + - 0.1 pHCE Range: 0-9999μS / 0-20mS, + -2%TDS scale: 0-9999ppm / 0-10ppt, + -2%Tempe..
Ex Tax:516.02€
Brand: HYDROMASTER HM-200 HM DIGITAL Model: 411162
The COM-300 is a professional pH / EC / TDS / Temperature level meter ideal for all water quality tests, hydroponics, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, colloidal silver, laboratories and tests scientific, swimming pools and spas, ecology tests, boilers and cooling ..
Ex Tax:229.28€
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