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Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 633130
CENTRAL EXTRACTOR 100 (250 M3 / H)Maximum flow (m³ / h): 250Inlet diameter (mm): 100maximum rpm: 2820Consumption (W): 80Weight (kg): 0Maximum amperage: 0Maximum sound level (dB): 46Dimensions (mm): 230x250Tube outlet diameter: 100CENTRAL EXTRACTOR 125 (355 M3 / H)Maximum flow (m³ / h): 355Inlet diam..
Ex Tax:77.91€
Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 633272
USESupply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems of various premises requiring cost-saving controllable ventilation.The best ventilation solution for exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens and other humid premises.Compatible with Ø100 up to 315 mm round air ducts.DESIGNDurable, imp..
Ex Tax:141.74€
Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 633202
USE Supply and exhaust ventilation systems installed in various premises with high requirements to the noise level.For ventilation air ducts requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level.Compatible with Ø 100 up to Ø 315 mm air ducts.DESIGNThe casing is made of polymer-coated steel,..
Ex Tax:159.95€
Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 633148
USESupply and exhaustion of ventilation systems installed in various installations.Assembly in kitchens, toilets and other wet facilities.Ventilation ducts that require high pressure, powerful airflow and low noise.Compatible with round air ducts from Ø 100 to 315 mm.TO DRAWHousing made of low-flamm..
Ex Tax:44.36€
Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 630200
Filter for the entrance of air in the greenhouse.Avoid entry into the cultivation of pollen, dust and unwanted insects.It has a circular connection to facilitate the connection of the flexible tube...
Ex Tax:66.46€
Brand: BLAUBERG Model: 637015
FLEXIBLE MUFFLERWe will use it to attenuate the noise produced by a ventilation system and spread along ventilation ducts. Used in conjunction with soundproof fans in installations with high noise level requirements produced by the ventilation equipment.Design: consists of flexible inner and outer a..
Ex Tax:57.16€
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