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Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636172
Fan that has the necessary accessories for 3 different uses, floor (standing), desktop and wall. It is easy to mount and has 3 speeds. ..
Ex Tax:25.41€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636160
New clamp fan for small growing spaces, especially suitable for cabinets such as the Dark Box. It has a powerful motor that consumes only 15 W, being very quiet. In addition, its orientation angle is adjustable to direct the breeze towards the area of ​​interest of the crop. Behind th..
Ex Tax:20.34€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636152
Powerful fans of extreme resistance and high quality motor. Three ventilation speeds. They are the most used fans by growers for their quality, versatility and economy...
Ex Tax:26.22€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 630115
Economic ventilation boxes with internal motor. These boxes are made of wooden board lined with foam inside so that the noise is muffled, allowing it to operate silently.The Isobox Box combines power, performance and low noise levels.All fans operate at 220V / 50Hz.ISOBOX INCLUDESIso Box wooden..
Ex Tax:150.16€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636183
The Siroco floor fan is a high quality fan designed so that it can work for a long time. The blades blades are made of very resistant aluminum.It features three energy-saving speed settings and a high-torque, high-durability copper motor. This fan provides adequate and constant a..
Ex Tax:58.00€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 672080
The SoftBox extraction boxes are made with an insulating foam cover and the motor inside is suspended by thick rubber rings. The suspended motor prevents vibrations from being transmitted to the box. The SoftBoxes are prepared to work with round flexible ducts, preferably of the ..
Ex Tax:205.81€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636158
3-speed recirculation fans with powder-coated metal grille and polypropylene blades resistant to adverse environments. The 90º oscillation provides a constant breeze to the crop.Available in two different sizes, both adjustable in height...
Ex Tax:36.35€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636156
Wall air recirculation fan. It has the advantage that it does not occupy a surface area in the greenhouse so that all the space in the greenhouse can be used for plants. It has a remote control to program the fan functions (oscillation, speed, on / off and timing). Unlike the rope wal..
Ex Tax:38.44€
Brand: CYCLONE Model: 636157
Air recirculation fan for wall with diameter of 40 cm. It has a mechanical drive rope for its operation. When connected to another device (timer, climate control, etc.) or there is simply a power outage, the fan resets only in the programming it was in...
Ex Tax:38.44€
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