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Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 412003
solution to calibrate ph meters..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 411131
EC&PH meter conductivity meter electrode replacement. It is the driver that allows us to read the measurement of ph quickly and accurately. It is very simple to use and practical, being suitable for growers, laboratories and professionals in general...
Ex Tax:29.74€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 411112
The EC-BE Water Master conductivity meter is a pocket meter that measures EC, that is, the electrical conductivity, with great precision, in a range of 0 to 19990 mSIt has ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) and a resolution of 10 mS.The EC-BE Water Master conductivity meter kit has a screwdriv..
Ex Tax:52.14€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 412001
to calibrate conductimeters..
Ex Tax:3.78€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 411115
The EC & pH Master Meter is a multiparameter meter with microprocessor for fast and accurate readings.Tilt screen for better LCD display. Waterproof housing with IP57 protection, floats on water. The pH and temperature or EC and temperature values are displayed simultaneously on the LCD screen, ..
Ex Tax:130.30€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 412002
solution to calibrate ph meters..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 411111
El Ph-metro de Water Master es un medidor de bolsillo que mide el PH, que mide el PH en un rango de 0 a 14 con gran precisión. Es resistente a la salpicadura, no es sumergible, y su sensor se extiende hasta 80 mm para acceder fácilmente al depósito de nutrientes. Dispone de un clip en la parte poste..
Ex Tax:48.28€
Brand: WATER MASTER Model: 421158
For automating garden watering, irrigation, sprinkler system, ready to connect to standard faucet/tap, 5 easy steps to program and ready to use.Low batteries led indicator, security lock, reset function...
Ex Tax:28.80€
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