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Brand: GHE Model: 781168
The RainForest 2 system has a set of 6 adapters (matching link adapters) for pots.RAINFOREST SHOP AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZESThe RainForest pot is available in different sizes: 2 ”(5cm), 3” (7.5 cm) and 6 ”(15cm) potThe rooting system of cuttings, RainForest 2 is a very easy-to-use professional syste..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781107
Legendary growth and yields are hallmarks of this high performance line of systems.A variety of sizes allows for a custom AeroFlo system that fits your needs The AeroFlo super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to optimally deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients to your plant’s roots. This sys..
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Brand: GHE Model: 797126
CALCIUM MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTHighly bioavailable, concentrated Calcium / Magnesium blendProper Calcium and Magnesium  availability  is  vital  to optimize nutrition in fast growing plants. It helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruiting, and prevents..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781052
DIAMOND NECTAR®Ultra-pure, 100% natural bio-stimulatorThe biggest boost you can give your plants after nutrients is a high quality Fulvic acid, and Diamond Nectar® is the best in the worldSoluble Humates contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781044
ESSENTIALS®A comprehensive mix of micro and sub-micro elements for specialist applicationsDon’t use GHE nutrients but need quality micronutrients? Doing Aquaponics and looking for ways of balancing nutrition? We have the solution...GHE Essentials® is a unique product: a comprehensive range of concen..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781543
FLORAKLEEN®Unique, high performance rinse and soil conditioner for all substrates and systems.From rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics, FloraKleen is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners!Eventually, every growing system will develop ..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781103
G.H. BLOOM®Super concentrated flowering boosterG.H. Bloom® increases flowering and growth by up to 20%!G.H. Bloom® works in several different ways, boosting Calcium absorption, increasing leaf size, activating microbial life and stimulating your plant’s immune system to boost harvest quant..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781103
G.H. ROOTS®Super concentrated root boosterG.H. Roots drastically increases rootlet growth, root development and root cap hardening. The net result is bigger, healthier root mass, better resistance to mould and fungus (including damping off in cuttings etc), and healthier more vigorous plants, f..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781518
G.O. BUD®100% Organic bloom and fruiting boosterBoost explosive flowering and fruiting: naturally G.O. Bud® is a powerful bloom stimulator that generates explosive flowering and massive fruit production. It increases metabolic activity and mineral uptake by utilizing bio-stimulants and org..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781537
G.O. DIAMOND BLACK®Fully organic, wide spectrum ligno-humates from recycled wood.High quality ultra-pure Humics from a totally renewable source.Diamond Black® is an excellent source of Humates derived from a new, natural, sustainable source: sawdust!This new technology provides a clean product, free..
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Brand: GHE Model: 781513
G.O. ROOT PLUS®100% Organic root and growth boosterBoost root development and support strong vegetative growth, naturallyG.O. Root Plus® is a natural root growth supplement that helps plants establish healthy and vibrant root systems. It contains vitamins, enzymes, organic and humic acids that stimu..
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