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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721102
Grow nutrition especially developed by Atami for the cultivation on recirculatinghydro systems. ATA AWA Leaves A&B grow nutrient regulates the pH. Thanks tothe complex adjusted formula of ATA Awa Leaves A&B, the plant is guaranteedan optimum nutrition solution during its entire growing phase..
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 722020
Flowering nutrient especially developed by Atami for the cultivation on recirculatinghydro systems. AWA Max A&B bloom nutrition regulates the pH. Thanks to the complex adjusted formula of ATA Awa Max A&B, the plant is guaranteed anoptimum nutrient solution during its entire blooming phase...
Ex Tax:8.59€
Brand: ATAMI Model: 721117
A professional and fast-acting nutrition for growing on coco substrate. ATA Coco Max A containsall the necessary fertilisers for an optimal growth and flowering pattern. Thismakes ATA Coco Max A&B suitable for the whole life cycle of the plant...
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721110
This liquid organic fertilizer has been developed for the blooming period. It has a strong yield-increasing effect and contains several key ingredients such as algae and seaweed extracts. This makes it a very good nutrition for the formation of flowers and fruits. Bloom-C also contains a wealth of a..
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 722024
A large and healthy root system is a significant contributor to a well-developed plant. To make this possible, this organic root stimulator ensures a rapid and vigorous growth of the root system and has a preventive effect against soil diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium and root lice. The roots will..
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721012
Ensures that the irrigation system remains in a good condition. Ata-Clean prevents and removes calcium, iron phosphate and algae sediments, which guarantees an optimum irrigation. This organic cleansing means it is environmentally friendly and harmless to the plant...
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721070
A healthy plant starts with a good developed rootsystem. More than 50% of a plant’s quality and end results depends on what is below the surface. ATA Rootfast is one of the first  100% natural biomineral root stimulator that ensures a powerful root production. It increases the resistance of the..
Ex Tax:9.56€
Brand: ATAMI Model: 721011
A clever mix of natural ingredients, added minerals, vitamins and amino acids provides an excellent growth and flowering stimulator. Ata-XL is really a miracle drink for your plant! This rich combination has a very favourable impact on the condition of the root system and encourages a growth spurt o..
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721060
Contains: 1 lt of Terra Leaves, 100 ml of Root C, 1 lt of Terra Max, 100 ml of Atazyme, 250 ml of Bloombastic, culture table...
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Brand: ATAMI Model: 721024
Flavor is an organic aroma and flavour enhancer for the organic grower. It is based onbeet molasses and speciallydeveloped for vegetables and fruit. In addition, ATA-NRG Flavor may be administered for an additional dosage of potassium.Flavor improves the smell and taste based on a beet molasses. It ..
Ex Tax:10.28€
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