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Brand: Canna Model: 700028
CANNA Aqua FlowersCANNA Aqua Flores is a complete nutrient for plants, which contains all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Aqua Flores is used in recirculation systems such as NFT or ebb and flow.Advantages of Aqua FloresIn the exuberant generative phase of the plant (flowering phase), ..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700026
CANNA Aqua Vega is a fast nutrient for plants that contains all the essential elements for optimal growth. The growth phase is important because it is during this phase when the plants develop the bases of an exuberant flowering and an excellent yield. Aqua Vega is used in recirculation systems such..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700078
BIOCANNABIOCANNA BIOCANNA is CANNA's organic line of products. BIOCANNA products are 100% organic and meet all the requirements for an organic crop. This means that they are legally reviewed and guaranteed as ORGANIC!..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700105
Bio Terra PlusBio Terra Plus by BIOCANNA is a natural blend of 100% vegetable origin. It is developed specifically for use in organic crops and has the certification of Control Unit Certifications (CUC) for this use.Bio Terra Plus is a mixture of reduced turf for pots, made with blond peat of the be..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700071
CANNA COGr FloresCANNA COGr Flores is a fast-acting professional fertilizer for fast-growing plants that contains all the nutrients necessary for optimal flowering. COGr the nutrient solution also contains stabilizers of pH value, silicon, humic and fulvic acids.In combination with the CANNA COGr su..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700072
Get the best performance with COGr!cogr-slabs_content_1COGr contains a special combined formula of coconut powder, coconut fiber and coconut granules. This means offers the advantage that it is spongy, so it is easy to control, thanks to which a faster root development and higher yields are produced..
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Brand: Canna Model: 700075
CalciumThe use of CALCIUM optimally stabilizes the tissues of the plant. Stabilizes the cell wall, influences growth hormones and regulates the transport of water and nutrients in the plant. Liquid calcium is, in addition, directly absorbable by the plant and thus directly strengthens the cellular t..
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4-5 days
Brand: Canna Model: 700092
Calmag Agent is a product developed specifically for soft water cushioning, with the aim of improving water quality. It increases the levels of calcium and magnesium in this type of water, which results in a higher level of EC. Water care is essential to achieve the best results in your cultivation...
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