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Brand: GSE Model: 672214
The EC fan (electronically switched motors) has a diameter of 125mm, it is a very powerful fan with 950 m³ / ha. It is a very quiet fan that does not hum at low rotation and complies with the required efficiency law for 2018.It has an LCD screen with keyboard and power LED, which allo..
Ex Tax:341.10€
Brand: GSE Model: 672215
The AC-EC fan controller has an LCD screen, a rotary knob that allows a very fast adjustment of all the values ​​and the reading of all the information provided by the fan, such as the actual set speed, temperature, humidity, day / night, the negative pressure of the intake fan and the rpm..
Ex Tax:224.10€
Brand: GSE Model: 633255
Temperature, humidity and negative pressure controller. Maintains humidity and temperature levels in the desired ranges and simultaneously adjusts negative pressure to prevent odors from leaving the greenhouse.It is easily controlled by adjusting the levels with the buttons. Three LEDs ind..
Ex Tax:170.10€
Brand: GSE Model: 633286
The stepper transformer temperature and humidity controller has special fan features to eliminate noise (hum) in slow rotation. The step transformer controls the fan speed, increasing or decreasing by 6 steps, depending on the temperature and humidity. It has two buttons to ..
Ex Tax:341.00€
Brand: GSE Model: 633251
This stepper transformer controller has the special feature that the fans do not make noise or hum even at low revs. The transformer adjusts the speed in 6 steps depending on the temperature and humidity.The temperature and hysteresis can be adjusted with two buttons, as well as the humidity an..
Ex Tax:430.00€
Brand: GSE Model: 633247
This temperature controller with hysteresis from G-Systems is a controller for rooms with ventilation by one or more fans. It allows to set the maximum and minimum temperature that we want so that, once detected, the controller does not allow it to be above or below these. The hy..
Ex Tax:116.10€
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