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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 413102
Measurement ofConductivity, TemperatureConductivity range0-9.9msTemperature range0-80ºCConductivity Resolution0-999: 1 µS; 1000-9990: 10 µSTemperature Resolution0.1ºCDimensions (cm)15.5x3.1x2.3TypeLaptopEC accuracy± 2%Power source2 x 1.5V button batteries (LR44)Temperature Accuracy ºC± 2%ColorWhiteC..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411058
To have a cultivation in perfect condition is necessary to take a follow-up of electrical conductivity measurement.  WHY IS THE ELECTRODE FOR CONDUCTIVITY?Using the EC meter, the COM-100 Digital HM Conductivity Meter (link to the COM-100 Conductivity Meter) allows you to match the electrical co..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411087
The AP-2 conductivity meter is a portable meter of the Aqua-Pro series, with a compact, modern and manageable design. This meter measures electrical conductivity and temperature.AP-2 CONDUCTIVIMETER CHARACTERISTICS:Electrical conductivity meterIt has ATC (automatic temperature compensation) and digi..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 413101
The COM-100 conductivity meter from HM Digital is a device for measuring electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature.This electrical conductivity meter can have a professional and commercial use in water tests for hydroponics, soil cultivation, laboratories, water treatment,..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 413106
Conductivity range0-9.9msTemperature range1-80 ° CConductivity Resolution1 µS / ppm; 0.1 mSTemperature Resolution0.1ºCDimensions (cm)15.3x3.2x1.8DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL DOCUMENTSEconomic conductivity meter for use in various applications such as hydroponics and gardening, swimming pools and spas, aquar..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 413105
Conductivity range0-9.99 msTemperature range0-80ºCConductivity Resolution0-9.99: 0.001 mS; 1-9.99: 0.01 mSTemperature Resolution0.1ºCDimensions (cm)15.5x3.1x2.3DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL DOCUMENTSEquipment for measuring electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. Perfect for professional and commercial ..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411158
WHY SHOULD WE USE THE EC CALIBRATION SOLUTION ENVELOPES?To obtain exact measurements on our EC meter, we need to adjust the meter at least once a month and thus we will ensure that the measurements we make of electro conductivity are correct.WHY SHOULD WE USE THE EC CALIBRATION SOLUTION ENVELOPES?Re..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411117
The DM2-EC TDS Online Dual Monitor is an electrical conductivity monitor for installation on filtration systems such as osmosis equipment.The Dual EC Monitor shows the EC values ​​of the water in the network and of the treated water thanks to its two electrodes, so we will know the electroconductivi..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411056
Other specificationsFor replacement probe for PH-200, measure ph and TªDESCRIPTIONTo have our crop in perfect condition it is necessary to keep track of pH measurement to ensure that it is among the ideal values.WHY IS THE ELECTRODE FOR A METER DAMAGED?The use of the PHmeter pH-200 meter (link to ph..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411159
WHAT DOES THE HM DIGITAL CALIBRATION SOLUTIONS CONTAIN?This pack contains several calibration solutions in 20 ml. Its content is as follows: 5 envelopes of pH4, 5 envelopes of pH7, 5 envelopes of EC calibration solution and 5 envelopes of storage solution.EFFECTS OF THE PH ON THE AVAILABILITY OF NUT..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411152
Calibration solutions in dust, light, compact, economical and with an indefinite life. Contains 6 over pH4 and 6 over pH7.HOW TO USE LA SOLUCIÓDE CALIBRACIÓN PH:With each of the calibration solutions in octopus 100 ml of the calibration solution is obtained (if it has to be mixed with the deionized ..
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Brand: HM DIGITAL Model: 411153
WHAT SHOULD WE USE THE HM DIGITAL STORAGE SOLUTION?This storage solution is used to clean the electrodes and keep them in the best condition while the ph meter is not used.HOW TO USE THE DIGITAL HM STORAGE SOLUTION:Introduce the maintenance solution for electrodes up to about half of the cap of the ..
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