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Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 912891
Bee Keeper is a small vaporizer for those who use oils, very easy to use. The kit comes with a special accessory called a Magnetic Concealment Adapter that makes the atomizer compatible with different cartridges and keeps them in place. To extract it, just stretch. It also has an opening of 12 mm so..
Ex Tax:34.13€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 913339
The Hrb Turbo vaporizer is a premium pocket vaporizer for dried herbs, with which you can obtain an excellent vapor sensation.With a professional finish, this vaporizer is made of polished aluminum and has rubber so it looks good when you hold it. It has a ceramic bowl, burning the grass evenly.With..
Ex Tax:118.59€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 912909
High quality tube designed to maximize performance, elegance and discretion. Perfect for people who travel or for specialized people (connoisseurs). The body of the unit is made of high quality German glass to preserve the flavor and withstand the heat of the torch. This glass is covered by a metal ..
Ex Tax:32.52€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 913338
The Plasma GQ vaporizer is a vaporizer for pocket concentrates (wax, resin, etc.). With a revolutionary design that offers the taste and purity that desktops are capable of achieving.Plasma GQ has a quartz tank to place your material and keep it out of contact with the plasma heating element, locate..
Ex Tax:152.72€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 913361
Replacement parts for the part under the vaporizer tank Ceramic vaporizer sub-ohm kit (912885), with a resistance of 0.5 Ohms, has large inlet holes and a high performance design for steam oil.They go 5 units in each package.CHARACTERISTICSResistance (Ohm): 0.5ΩMaterial: CeramicUnits: 5..
Ex Tax:30.97€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 913340
The Bee Master Kit Vaporizer is a small vaporizer from the Honeystick brand, suitable for concentrated oils and waxes. The kit includes the vaporizer, the USB charger and its case to carry and store it comfortably.The case includes a space for you to store your mouthpieces and always take your vapin..
Ex Tax:23.85€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 912895
MiniMax Key FOB Battery- 4V Output Level- 500 mAh battery- Micro USB charger - Key ring- Small, compact size, fitting on a key chain*CARTRIDGE / TANK IS NOT INCLUDEDMiniMax is the most convenient, discrete and best performing vapor battery on the market!..
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Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 912885
The Sub Ohm sports vaporizer is the first all-in-one oil device. An ergonomic and easy to use vaporizer, with the possibility of changing the draft intensity, adjusting it between 5-60W.The heater core is completely ceramic, the tank is made of resistant metal, in order to be safer against possible ..
Ex Tax:144.19€
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