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Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919150
Replacement wall charger for the Ascent vaporizer. If you have lost your charger or want another extra, do not look for imitations, use the Ascent's spare charger to ensure perfect operation...
Ex Tax:28.85€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919109
Da Vinci is a portable vaporizer with a lot of autonomy thanks to its rechargeable lithium batteries. It has adjustable temperature to adapt it to the needs of the consumer. The heater only takes about two minutes to get ready and vaporize. It has an auto power off system when it is 10 minutes witho..
Ex Tax:121.82€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919112
Car charger to be able to charge the battery of your DaVinci vaporizer during the trip and always have it ready to vape...
Ex Tax:20.60€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 912862
Car charger to always keep the IQ vaporizer with battery. Take advantage of car trips to charge your vaporizer battery and make sure you're always ready to vaporize...
Ex Tax:8.16€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919115
Set of accessories for the DaVinci vaporizer that will allow you to get the most out of it. This pack consists of a flexible straw; a display pack that includes three large and six small screens; a multifunctional cleaning brush and two cans for extra oil...
Ex Tax:36.08€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919122
Replacement charger for the DaVinci vaporizer. This 110v-240v vaporizer can be used worldwide simply by adding the indicated adapter...
Ex Tax:20.00€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919114
The Flexi-Straw is the replacement straw-shaped nozzle for the Da Vinci vaporizer. This part can be easily removed from the vaporizer for easy storage and easy cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.It is available in two sizes, the short version and the extended one...
Ex Tax:15.43€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919740
Elegant protection for your MIQRO Onix! This case helps protect the exterior of your MIQRO from dents or scratches. It is made of silicone and is gray in color.CHARACTERISTICSGray colorMaterial: SiliconeWeight (kg): 0.17Dimensions (cm): 1.3x4.2x7.5..
Ex Tax:12.00€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 912860
Accessory pack to ensure the best performance of your IQ vaporizer. This pack contains: a cleaning brush, three cleaning alcohol wipes, a pair of O-rings, and a replacement nozzle gasket. All this will allow you to always have the IQ clean and, thus, and be able to get the maximum performance...
Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919715
Latest generation DaVinci brand IQ vaporizer made with the best materials. Air path made of 100% zirconium allowing the user to extract the purest flavor that they can ever taste from a vaporizer. IQ's Smart Path technology allows the user to select 4 different temperature settings that allow the de..
Ex Tax:257.00€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 913311
Miqro Onyx is a small, elegant and easy to use vaporizer. It has an adjustable oven so you can make the most of your herbs with each use, being able to reduce / expand it up to 50% so that you only consume the desired amount.With this vaporizer you can get the purest flavor, thanks to its ceramic mo..
Ex Tax:164.00€
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