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Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 632051
Product description RK Fan Fan Plastic Tube Fan is a centrifugal extractor back, using a maintenance-free, heavy-duty plastic housing.The extractor is controllable by speed using the voltage or frequency control, and as a protection for the motor, it is equipped with a thermal switch, which shu..
Ex Tax:95.10€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 633226
Max Fan Pro Series with EC technology is a turbine or mixed flow fan with the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the best energy consumption level due to the new EC technology motor, together with the 3D rotor stator system. The powerful but silent operation of Max Fan Pro Series EC is the result of..
Ex Tax:415.00€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 633209
The new Max Fan Pro Series - the second generation of Max-Fan - is a diagonal fan, using the 3D rotor-stator system, which has been imprved to be more efficient and more silent. The design of the fan makes it very compact and easy to use, as the ventilation duct adapter is integrated into the m..
Ex Tax:144.86€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 633214
The Q-Max AC soundproof series are high-end extractors that share features with the Max-Fan PRO Series, but adding a silencer lined with acoustic foam to absorb noise. The result is a powerful, efficient and quiet extractor.It has a 3D system, rotor and strator, for a continuous air flow in which th..
Ex Tax:381.00€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 632068
The Iso-Max series has the same characteristics as the Max-Fan, as it is actually an extractor from the Max-Fan series integrated with a foam-lined acoustic silencer for greater noise absorption.They are mixed flow extractors capable of providing medium to high static pressure. The air flow has been..
Ex Tax:326.04€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 633204
The Max-Fan series is a mixed flow extractor capable of providing medium to high static pressure. The air flow has been optimized thanks to an aerodynamic design, operating quietly and with great efficiency.The Max-Fan are designed with 2 propellers, one rotating and the other fixed, so that a unifo..
Ex Tax:573.00€
Brand: CAN-FAN Model: 632053
Backward centrifugal extractor. It uses a sturdy, maintenance-free plastic housing. It is speed controllable through voltage or frequency control, it is equipped with a thermal switch that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature.RK 120/350 EXTRACTORMaximum flow (m..
Ex Tax:102.07€
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