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Brand: CLI-MATE Model: 612184
It is a simple controller for ventilation, depending on the temperature. Helps regulate the temperature by changing the fan speed between 2 positions.It is a good control tool for managing the amount of airflow in a greenhouse.CHARACTERISTICS:-Adjust the fan speed in 2 positions, depending on the te..
Ex Tax:39.28€
Brand: CLI-MATE Model: 612244
Optimum and precise control of rotations for temperature control, integrated through thermostat and sensor, reduces wear, consumption and inefficiency of fans / extractors, continuous speed eliminates noise, vibrations and hum of the engine, saves energy, maintenance free. Easy to operate, easy to u..
Ex Tax:297.61€
Brand: CLI-MATE Model: 612178
DESCRIPTIONThe CLI-MATE® Mini Controller is an all-in-one hybrid controller for simultaneous control of climate control, lighting and indoor heating devices. It also has a DC connection to connect, for example, a cutting fanMAIN CHARACTERISTICSPlug & PlayEasy to useReady to useProvided with high..
Ex Tax:178.57€
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