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Brand: CO2 BOOST Model: 672026
Co2Boost, the industry leader in all-natural and renewable Co2 presents The Co2Boost bucket and pump. Co2Boost is the only one-of-a-kind, all-natural and organic Co2 generator that pumps Co2 DIRECTLY to your garden for up to 90 days. Co2Boost has been proven to safely increase your yields and maximi..
Ex Tax:80.17€
Brand: CO2 BOOST Model: 672096
These kits are used in combination with the Co2Boost to get the emitted Co2 to the plants in a more precise way and that is more profitable for the plants.With this kit you can customize your Co2Boost, making it adapt perfectly to your space and have the size you want. You have a tube..
Ex Tax:4.74€
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