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Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 912084
High quality peeling machine for fresh flowers (the fresher the material, the higher the quality of the final result). Simply remove the lid, add fresh plant material to the central grid, close the lid, turn the handle 15-20 times and the flowers are completely clean of excess leaves.Note: you canno..
Ex Tax:232.70€
Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 912248
Replacement sponges for the Trim Station.Units: 4..
Ex Tax:13.64€
Brand: TOM'S TUMBLER Model: 912958
This is Tom's first drawing, the drum peeler with handle. Capable of peeling 0.35 to 0.45 kilos every 3-5 minutes, processing 2.7 kilos or more per hour. This model is perfect for small domestic producers and to be used without electricity.This peeler works only with dry product, removing the small ..
Ex Tax:470.01€
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