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Model: 926002
Tubes for storing seeds, liquids, etc .....
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Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 912515
100% result in the tests of the European Central Bank6 ways to detect counterfeit bills: infrared, magnetic and metallic, watermark, size and thicknessFake Banknote AlarmShow the amount and totalDefault currencies: euro and sterlingYou can insert the ticket in any directionCompact designUpdate port ..
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Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 926004
Cap for 1 ml test tube, white plastic. Its diameter is 6 mm which fits perfectly with the 1 ml test tube...
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Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 900061
Seed counting machine...
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Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 411160
The intelligent interconnected infrared camera CEM DT-980/982 / 980A / 980H / 982H / 980L-8 / 982L-8 series, with a novel design, small size, durable performance and high cost, is a good choice for economical users. It is also a smart choice for users in the fields of energy, HVAC, fire protection, ..
Ex Tax:1,050.00€
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