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Brand: VARIAS Model: 912637
Wooden box made of cedar, with built-in dry resin extraction system.This box is perfect for curing our harvest, thanks to the low porosity of this type of wood, which provides an ideal progressive cure for the process.In its bottom, it incorporates a mesh of 190 microns on a methacrylate base, perfe..
Ex Tax:42.00€
Brand: VARIAS Model: 924060
00 pocket box is a wonder.This box is perfect for transporting and conserving cannabis.It is made of cedar wood, the best wood to cure marijuana.At the bottom of this box there is a sieve that allows the recovery of trichomes (resin glands), which are detached from the buds to make your own hash.Its..
Ex Tax:23.96€
Brand: VARIAS Model: 924050
Box 00 is a cedar wood box.Cedar is the best wood that has to refine and cure marijuana.The cedar is slightly porous and gives the grass a certain characteristic odor.This smell does not alter the flavor, it improves the organoleptic qualities of cannabis once it is dry.Box 00 Box has a sieve of 136..
Ex Tax:76.03€
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