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Brand: TUNE Model: 913067
When the smoke passes through a Tune activated carbon filter, a large part of the harmful tars in the smoke sticks to the carbon. This makes a pleasantly smooth smoke, without affecting the quality of the aromas and flavors. These filters significantly reduce the amount of tar that reaches your lung..
Ex Tax:2.44€
Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 912801
Herb Iron is a product for the combustion of herbs in vaporizers, pipes and bongs. Especially indicated for medical use or for those users who do not want to use lighters or torches and like to enjoy tobacco, herbs or extracts savoring the full flavor. If you buy quality pipes or bongs, quality toba..
Ex Tax:56.52€
Model: 912870
Dimensions (mm)109x45MaterialFibers of textile and wood originUnitsoneSheets per unit32..
Ex Tax:1.50€
Brand: PURIZE Model: 912875
The Purize All-in-one kit consists of a lighter, a plastic grinder, a King Size paper booklet, a bag of 20 Purize filters and a rolling stand.The wooden tray comes with all the necessary holes to house all the kit components and even has a storage space...
Ex Tax:38.77€
Brand: PURIZE Model: 912871
Dimensions (mm)4000x45MaterialFibers of textile and wood originUnitsoneSheets per unitoneDESCRIPTIONPURIZE® Brown Rolls Edition...
Ex Tax:2.10€
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