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Brand: RED-EYE Model: 920060
Portable pipe designed to achieve a smooth and pleasant smoke, thanks to Red Eye's exclusive filtration system. This pipe has a filtration system that conducts the smoke through 320 mm of maze pipe, so you can get a fresh, clean and quality smoke.The Amazed was born in 1997 and continues to be one o..
Ex Tax:37.17€
Brand: VÁRIOS Model: 919117
Available in several randomly selected colors.Length (mm): 85..
Ex Tax:12.80€
Brand: VÁRIOS Model: 919119
Length: 100 mm..
Ex Tax:12.80€
Brand: RED-EYE Model: 912060
CHARACTERISTICSColor: VariousLength (mm): 30..
Ex Tax:5.40€
Brand: OOZE Model: 916020
Hybrid pipe made of silicone and borosilicate glass, ideal for transporting with you, because of its size. This pipe can be used and cleaned very easily. It is advisable to clean the silicone with hot water.The color of the pipe will be served at random...
Ex Tax:38.34€
Brand: VARIOS PARAFERNALIA Model: 919120
Color: BlackLength: 110 mm..
Ex Tax:12.80€
Brand: RED-EYE Model: 920064
Color: SilverSmoke tube shape: LabyrinthLength: 88 mm..
Ex Tax:37.17€
Brand: VÁRIOS Model: 913086
Disposable pipe, small and discreet to vaporize your favorite materials. The funnel shape of the pipe allows it to burn the material evenly, and you can enjoy about 100 puffs of a single mist...
Ex Tax:18.77€
Brand: RED-EYE Model: 912045
FEATURESPack Units: 200Quantity per pack: 5Material: Stainless SteelDiameter (mm): 12.5..
Ex Tax:17.55€
Brand: RED-EYE Model: 912046
Stainless steel. The high quality metal Red Eye grids are ideal for almost any type of pipe or bong, especially for pipe models such as Amazed pipes, acting as a filter, preventing solid material from passing through the pipe line.FEATURESPack Units: 200Quantity per pack: 5Material: Stainless SteelD..
Ex Tax:18.81€
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