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Model: 900086
Satibeer from CollDam is a blond beer made by hand, to which hemp has been added from the beginning, which gives it very special characteristics. The properties that Satibeer offers us, are very different from that of most beers, since the introduction of hemp in its composition makes it much more b..
Ex Tax:2.50€
Model: 912446
Bio hemp flour contains valuable ingredients that make it particularly healthy and digestible. Mainly due to the high proportion of hemp protein, fiber, vitamins and omega-3 and omega-6, it is essential fatty acids, which influence our body very positively, being ideal among other things, for exampl..
Ex Tax:6.90€
Brand: CANNABIOS BIO HEMP Model: 912447
DESCRIPTIONThe hemp oil with Bio certificate, obtained from the first cold press of hemp seeds, thus preserving and ensuring the endless properties it offers and a higher quality of the final product.Its great richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially in linoleic acid and gamma-lin oleic a..
Ex Tax:16.43€
Brand: ANNABIS Model: 912436
Oil made in cold first pressure of certified organic hemp. It is an oil of greenish color, with a natural nutty flavor and the characteristic aroma of hemp. Cannabis Oil for consumption is very beneficial for the body, since it is very rich in Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, essential for our..
Ex Tax:19.00€
Brand: OG KRUNCH Model: 913275
Our first "OG Krunch" product is a subtle blend of white chocolate, inflated water and the "matcha" tea that has already attracted thousands of people around the world.A deceptive appearance, an original flavor and a 100% transparent container, that is the success of OG Krunch...
Ex Tax:36.00€
Model: 913305
The only real cannabis-flavored lollipop !!Without artificial aromas of any kind, the chupachup is complete with real cannabis, the natural is good enough! You can consume it wherever you want...
Ex Tax:37.50€
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