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Brand: SUNFLOWER Model: 912916
The Baby Trimmer is made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles. The machine is powered by a heavy motor with 100 W of power. The trimmer is completely made and assembled in the EU. We supply our products in cardboard box, including electric power cord, handy carrying case, imbus screwdriver and u..
Ex Tax:660.00€
Brand: MASTER TRIMMERS Model: 912582
Master Trimmer Pocket is a portable, small, high-power bud-trimmer that is very quiet. It is ideal for quickly converting any space into the trimming-room of your plants.The Master Trimmer Pocket can be easily secured onto any table by means of a clamp, without the need for screws or holes..
Ex Tax:510.00€
Brand: MASTER TRIMMERS Model: 912583
The solidity and stability of the Master Trimmer Standard trimmer, combined with its height and large surface area, allows not only comfortable work, but also the possibility of two people working at the same time.Effective and silent, the Master Trimmer Standard bud trimmer is easy to handle and ca..
Ex Tax:1,250.00€
Brand: MASTER TRIMMERS Model: 912587
MT Gentle is a hemp trimmer that is designed for growers looking for a machine that works more automatically, thanks to its load container and silicone fingers, which move and rotate the buds on the grid.Under this, are its sharp blades of hardened steel that can be adjusted for height, which g..
Ex Tax:1,620.00€
Brand: MASTER TRIMMERS Model: 912585
Designed for large producers, the MT Professional is one of the fastest automatic trimmers on the market. It has entry and exit doors that close automatically and a dispenser of buds, which increase the speed of work and safety. Its speed controller allows the adjustment of the revolutions of its 4 ..
Ex Tax:2,100.00€
Brand: MASTER TRIMMERS Model: 912964
Designed for large scale production, with the MT Tumbler you can trim wet or dry cannabis, by simply changing the tumbler.With its new high precision technology, the MT Tumbler preserves the quality of the flowers, such as when trimming by hand. This makes it the best trimmer of cannabis in Europe. ..
Ex Tax:8,750.00€
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