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Brand: ARIZER Model: 912782
Includes: 3′ or 6′ High Quality Food / Medical grade tubing with attached Glass Elbow Adapter, Dome Screen, and Glass Whip Mouthpiece..
Ex Tax:19.99€
Brand: Alivi8®vaporizer Model: 912614
Portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket. Easy to use and, unlike electronic vaporizers, it does not require heating time. The unique filtration system cools the steam for final soft inhalation. Made of high quality stainless steel.CHARACTERISTICS:Suitable for: HerbsLength (cm): 10Diameter (cm): ..
Ex Tax:83.84€
Brand: CLOUDV Model: 913215
Replacement Bubbler for the Electro Mini vaporizer from Cloud V...
Ex Tax:53.99€
Brand: CLOUDV Model: 913208
Aqua Bubbler replacement part for Cloud V Platinum vaporizer. ..
Ex Tax:43.19€
Brand: X-VAPE Model: 913347
Xvape Aria is a vaporizer for dry and concentrated herbs, with features that make vaping a unique experience.A small, elegant and compact vaporizer, capable of reaching high temperatures in a very short time.FEATURES-Lined with black leather-Temperature settings in ºC and ºF-Full ceramic conduction ..
Ex Tax:114.06€
Brand: DAVINCI Model: 919150
Replacement wall charger for the Ascent vaporizer. If you have lost your charger or want another extra, do not look for imitations, use the Ascent's spare charger to ensure perfect operation...
Ex Tax:28.85€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912857
A replacement battery for Arizer's Air and Air II vaporizers. These high-power, high-quality and truly durable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries...
Ex Tax:24.99€
Brand: CLOUDV Model: 913204
Replacement battery for the Cloud V Phantom vaporizer...
Ex Tax:7.86€
Brand: ARIZER Model: 912803
Replacement lithium ion battery for AIR - ARIZER vaporizer. This battery has excellent power and quality, in addition to being very durable...
Ex Tax:19.61€
Brand: HONEYSTICK Model: 912891
Bee Keeper is a small vaporizer for those who use oils, very easy to use. The kit comes with a special accessory called a Magnetic Concealment Adapter that makes the atomizer compatible with different cartridges and keeps them in place. To extract it, just stretch. It also has an opening of 12 mm so..
Ex Tax:34.13€
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