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Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 251836
The handmade glass bong 'Black Space Ship' makes the stoner go off like a rocket! The bong made of borosilicate glass has ice notches, a diffuser adapter system, a herbal bowl with roll-stop and is printed all-over with colorful space motifs.This water pipe offers a pleasantly mild smoke, because th..
Ex Tax:36.58€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 251821
The well-shaped 'Blue Betty' bong from 'Black Leaf' is handmade of the best borosilicate glass with a wall thickness of strong 4mm. In addition to its graceful curves, the blue Betty has an ice chamber, a slit diffuser adapter, a 5-arm percolator and a herb bowl with pull-up handle/roll-stop.The dif..
Ex Tax:35.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 201864
Handmade of strong borosilicate glass, the handy bubbler from ‘Black Leaf’ has awesome ornamental elements which make this water pipe so special! This pipe is decorated with several mushrooms. But not only the amazing appearance counts, the integrated diffuser tube ensures lots of smoke cooling swir..
Ex Tax:54.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 261864
Zig zag bong the different one: this bong from 'Blaze Glass' has a striking kink in the optics - oh no, in the draw tube of course!The chillum plug-in system of the golden shimmering and noble midnight blue coloured bong made of borosilicate glass consists of an adapter with diffuser slits and a fun..
Ex Tax:52.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 200667
As a peace-pipe, this glass 'Brain-Shooter' bong is a guaranteed to be a massive hit at any party! These extremely tall machine-gun bongs with have a metal down-pipe & bowl and are sure to pacify even the hardest gun lover...
Ex Tax:36.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 2018112
My little green cactus is not standing outside on the balcony, hollari, hollari, hollaro! Because my little green cactus, that is a great bong! And if someone evil tells me a lie, then I will get my cactus, and it will make me high, high, high...Have you ever smoked cactus? With the comical 'Cactus ..
Ex Tax:72.48€
BONG Classic Glass  'Black Leaf'
2-3 Days
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: G 136
Bottle shaped glass bong with metal downpipe and metal mouthpiece...
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 991849-29
Small glass bong with showerhead percolator for numerous air swirls that cool and filter the smoke.The female grind herb bowl has roll stopper and is also suitable for whole blooms. Due to the female standard grinding, banger and oil adapters can be adapted without problem...
Ex Tax:22.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 2018109-35
Matt black glass bong with circles and herb bowl with pull out handle.Attention: Please clean the outer coated parts of the bong with water! Do not use aggressive detergents or scratch it with sharp objects!..
Ex Tax:20.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: G 131
Bottle shaped glass bong with metal downpipe and metal mouthpiece. ..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 26 18 18-29
With 9mm wall thickness throughout, an extra thick mouthpiece and reinforced 'Down-Pipe' mount this bong not only expresses toughness, but also is a very attractive glass Icebong. The Bowl has a'Sure Ground' SG 14 friction-fit and blue rim with a single glass bead, to act as a 'Roll-Stop' function. ..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: BONGS NEAR DARK Model: 2018115
The impressingly designed bubbler from 'Black Leaf' is quite a beautiful work of art with its two curved horns and many decorative elements, all made of the best borosilicate glass. But you can also smoke very well with this water pipe, because it is very handy, has diffuser holes for smoke cooling ..
Ex Tax:71.80€
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