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Brand: HORTIFIT Model: 719503
AquaCleanHortifit Aqua Clean kills harmful bacteria and fungi in water through positively charged silver particle. Aqua Clean is harmless for benign organisms.Aqua Clean is also ideal for making cuttings and prevents phytophthora and fusarium, which cause stem root, yellow discoloration and glazed r..
Ex Tax:13.22€
Brand: ATAMI Model: 721012
Ensures that the irrigation system remains in a good condition. Ata-Clean prevents and removes calcium, iron phosphate and algae sediments, which guarantees an optimum irrigation. This organic cleansing means it is environmentally friendly and harmless to the plant...
Ex Tax:8.29€
Brand: ATAMI Model: 721004
The combination of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) ensures a golden ratio and is thus indispensable for a good harvest. In this respect the PK 13-14 is a must for any flowering plant. It is suitable for all substrates, directly absorbable by the plant and contains no ballast substances. Additionall..
Ex Tax:9.72€
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