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Brand: Canna Model: 700018
Canna Coco Professional Plus is a coconut substrate composed entirely of coconut bark and Trichoderma, a fungus beneficial to the plant that defends it from viruses and other pathogens.After many years of research, CANNA has successfully developed a sensational growing medium for its favorite plants..
Ex Tax:13.96€
Brand: Canna Model: 700044
The Coco COGR plate is a pressed coconut plate that serves as a growing medium for your plants.This coconut fibre slab is the latest growing medium developed by Canna. This Coco COGR slab contains more air which helps your crops to take root.COMPOSITION OF THE COCO COGR TABLEThe COGR coconut board c..
Ex Tax:6.36€
Brand: HEZI Model: 120196
HESI GrowMix is a mixture of peat and bark humus produced in a sustainable way. Peat is naturally free of pollutants and germs and has a slightly acidic pH value. The bark of humus has a high volume of air and a good pH buffering capacity. HESI GrowMix has a high content of organic substances and is..
Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: Canna Model: 700102
Seed Mix is a substrate that promotes water retention, increasing the possibility of germination of your seedsSeed Mix's homogeneous structure makes it a perfect substrate for seed germination, as well as promoting bud rooting.Seed Mix is the perfect substrate to germinate seeds of your favorite pla..
Ex Tax:9.35€
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