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Model: 434010
The transport case for 6  plant cuttings is the safest way to transport and send planting.The transport case for 6 cuttings is made with a hard plastic cover for cuttings and thus be able to transport small plants with total comfort.WHAT SIZE DOES THE TRANSPORTATION CASE HAVE FOR 6 plants cutti..
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Model: 439011
These pruning shears, Green Finger scissors have a wide finger grip, which make these scissors one of the most comfortable scissors in long pruning and manicure sessionsCHARACTERISTICS OF GREEN FINGER SCISSORSManicure scissorsWide finger gripWork comfortably with these prunning scissors..
Ex Tax:7.74€
Model: 434032
Pruning shears bud clean are Japanese blade scissors with needle tips and made of phosphor-rich steel and hard chrome plated.WHY IS THE USE OF PUDA BUD CLEAN SCISSORS RECOMMENDED?Because it is a very light tool. In addition, they are stainless and resistant to the sap and resin of plants. The steel ..
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Model: 434004
Bud Clean pruning shears are Japanese blade scissors with needle tips and made of phosphor-rich steel and hard chrome plated.It is a very light, stainless and resistant tool to the sap and resin of plants. The steel handles of Bud Clean pruning shears are coated with polyvinyl chloride and comfortab..
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Brand: SUNSYSTEM Model: 613188
The Level Lift Pulley gives you the possibility to raise and lower your reflector or lamp from one place. Use two mounting points and a pulley system to ensureits reflector and achieve a fully level position without having to remove the plants to access the work area.Pull the dual lifting cables to ..
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Model: 422213
Stainless steel scalpel with interchangeable blades to make cuttings. It is a tool for the professional, whose handle is covered by an ergonomically shaped vinyl cover for comfort, so it is comfortable even in large productions of cuttings. It has a cover for the tip and 5 spare blades of great dura..
Ex Tax:8.92€
Model: 439010
The MiniGrip scissors are light, comfortable and small. With these pruning shears you can manicure your plants reaching the smallest leaves, since it has a very fine tip.The blades of MiniGrip scissors are removable, so you can clean them very easily. These are economic and quality scissors, special..
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Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 437046
Solid plastic bars, which prevents oxidation and pests.Available in different sizes and diameters, this bars are an essential tool to help and encourage the growth of your plants. This bars  are as a guide for plant growth, achieving the desired development...
Ex Tax:18.74€
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