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Tools & Accessories

Brand: GROWER´S EDGE™ Model: 432012
Clips to easily fix branches and sytems to cane plastic support. Avoid heavier parts break or split the limbs when we do not want this to happen.the C-Bites to hook ropes, nets and connect tutors to each other to make almost any canes configuration. They can be connected to each other by inserting t..
Ex Tax:12.48€
Model: 437054
Original and resistant tutor ideal to support all types of plants that need climbing guides and ornamental plants or that need support for their development. Its use allows a better development and health of fruits and plants by avoiding direct contact with the soil.Especially indicated for those pl..
Ex Tax:2.76€
Brand: LUMAGNY Model: 431014
Microscopes for the control of plagues and diseases in the plants, as well as the control of the level of maturation of the flowers.Available in 3 different ranges of magnifications to clearly see the trichomes or pests and the damage they may cause. It is a very useful tool that every grower should..
Ex Tax:16.99€
Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 422221
The tying PVC Tape is the best in the market, since it is the only one with a “double blade” system, the first one attached to the tape to make the second cut easier.It serves to tie and guide the vineyard, fruit trees. Tomatoes, orchards, etc.COMPLEMENTS FOR PVC TAPE TIEFast and economical, with th..
Ex Tax:55.08€
Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 433009
In some installations the carbon filters are very large and heavy, this is a problem for the growers, who can not install the filter in the upper area of the greenhouse. With this special support, filters up to 1.5 meters long and 100 kilos of weight can be installed anywhere in the greenhouse witho..
Ex Tax:151.15€
Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 439025
Black  bridles  or flanges are used for the installation of flexible conduit in tubular extractors. We will use black bridles of size 371 mm x 100 mm extractors, black bridles 430 mm  x 125 mm extractors and black bridles 527 mm  for 150 mm extractors.The use of black flanges or ..
Ex Tax:8.86€
Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 432011
Clips to easily fix branches and systems to cane plastic support. Avoid heavier parts break or split the limbs when we do not want this to happen...
Ex Tax:12.48€
Brand: VARIOS FERRAMENTAS Model: 434031
Container designed to transport and send cuttings, with lighting.Keeps the plant inside safely during transport. The LED lighting inside keeps the plant alive while maintaining its vegetative state, unlike other shipping methods in which the plant goes dark.With Cloneshipper the cutting continues to..
Ex Tax:10.71€
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