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Brand: VITHAL GARDEN Model: 733040
features- Natural insecticide of compatible vegetable origin  with the environment.- To control: Leafminers, whiteflies,  donuts, caterpillars, thrips, moths, aphids, mites,  woodlice, fruit fly (ceratitis), eriodes,  weevil of the banana tree, processionary, chinches,  gree..
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Brand: VITHAL GARDEN Model: 700516
Characteristics- Product ready for use.- Triple Action:INSECTICIDE Â · ACARICIDE Â · FUNGICIDE.- First registration â € œTree roadsâ € authorized  by the Ministry of Agriculture.- High efficiency against aphids, caterpillars,  Mites and oídio in ornamental plants  herbaceous and shrub..
Ex Tax:10.20€
Brand: VITHAL GARDEN Model: 733041
With the new Total Action Systemic Insecticides, of the few InsecticidesSystemics that exist in the market today, will eliminate insects thatThey can affect both your plants and your garden. They are ideal forOrnamental plants and shrubs (roses, chestnuts ...). Thanks to his actionsystemic will prot..
Ex Tax:9.40€
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