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Delivery Information

Delivery Information


The current prices in our rates will be applied upon confirmation and acceptance of the order. Abc Algarve Grow Shop keep the

right to modify at any time and for the concept that requires it, currently prices, while maintaining only

Order prices made and confirmed in advance, and provided the goods are in our store.

Our prices do not include I.V.A. or any other type of tax and it is understood that it will be added to all customers except those of the Islands &


Once the customer is notified of the invoice amount, he will have 5 business days to make the deposit; If the customer does not make the payment in this

period, the company reserves the right to dispose of this material to other customers.


No minimum sale, being provided by prepayment by bank transfer, Multibanco code and debit / credit cards.


Orders must be made through our website / en, IF IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, you can write to the following

e-mail address or Tel 0351 91 31 51 243.


The delivery dates indicated by the customer are not linked to the Abc Algarve Grow Shop., Unless expressly accepted by us. The terms of

Delivery will be confirmed according to inventory. Shipments will be made 24 hours after check-in (early email is recommended

proof of payment).

Shipments will be made through the delivery  that the Abc Algarve Grow Shop seems most convenient, unless otherwise indicated by the customer, assuming

the extra cost if there was one.

Any delivery that arrives defective or does not reach the number of packages or contents of the consignments, must be reflected in the note of delivery of the consignment.

transporterA and communicated within 24 hours following the Abc Algarve Grow Shop to process the corresponding claim. Claims made

Outside this period, they will not be taken care of, since the delivery insurance takes control in the first 24 hours exclusively.


PACKAGE less than 5 euros. Service 24/48 h. :

- If the net value exceeds 60 euros (I.V.A NOT INCLUDED) free delivery

- If the net amount does not exceed 60 euros, 4.50 euros per package will be added.

48/72 hours PALETS.Service according to zones.

- If the net value exceeds 1500 euros FREE DELIVERY EXCEPT SUBSTRATES.

- If the net value DOES NOT reach 1999 euros, the DELIVERY of the substrate will be charged according to the zones.

- If the net value exceeds 2000 euros PORTES PAID WITH 1 SUBSTRATE PALLET (each additional pallet of substrate will be charged according to the zones).

For the Islands, will be charged € 0.22 / Kilo, respectively, or € 450 / m3 (depending on the carrier).

The commitment of the transport companies does not bind the Abc Algarve Grow Shop in compliance with a delivery date, since it is a service

external to the company.

The minimum order for free delivery is 60 euros (VAT not included). This is a free and voluntary service that the Abc Algarve Grow Shop does to its clients and, therefore, for free.

Any obligation, that is, in no case, is enforceable or obligatory by the client. Orders will be sent by the transport agency that Abc Algarve Grow Shop

considers it necessary / inevitable. The distribution will be done once a week in each zone and by agency if there are too many requests.


No return will be accepted without the prior agreement of our Commercial Department, which will assign them a reference number to include in the delivery note and

shipping labels. If you have to return any order, this will be done through the website / pt, entering your data and creating an RMA request

in said application must place the PRODUCT, BRAND, SERIAL NUMBER and INVOICE to which the product object of the return belongs,

In case you can not do it through the website, you must write to our return department to request a MERCHANDISE RETURN FORM.

Returns must include a shipping note with reference code of the purchase of the material, that is, invoice number and date.

Do not return the material once after 5 days of product delivery. All returns made will incur a penalty of 20% on

concept of administrative cost, return control, overhaul and conditioning, except for products covered under warranty.


Shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Returns that are not in the condition of sale or that do not have box, packaging, instructions or accessories are not accepted. Avoid pasting directly on the product or its packaging, otherwise the product will be classified as not suitable for return.


Please check all products before making your return; returned products that work properly, will be returned to the customer and

a charge of 40 euros / technical hour (minimum fractions of 15 minutes) for revision and control (working time).

Seller and buyer are subject to the jurisdiction of the Loulé Courts.

The characteristics and / or technical data of the products included in our catalog are true and correct to the best of our knowledge, without

assumption, express or implied, of any responsibility. Abc Algarve Grow Shop reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the resources

and / or technical data of the products included in this catalog and annexes.

The website is every day updated, a lot of products we have in stock but is not visible on the page, for some information about a product that you didn't find, please contact us.