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 ABCALGARVE GROW SHOP·november 23, 2015.

Our goal is to demystify self cultivation as something only seen by the playful aspect. we hope that

all those who are interested in this type of crop can have a follow up and description of our part so

that their crops proliferate in an advantageous and efficient way, for this we offer the widest range
of products, from the lighting through the fertilizers and substrates of the most qualified and
reputable brands. we look forward not only to the good production but also to the quality of the
final product for which we choose EU certified organic products. That is why we want a
personalized service to each client, adjusting the needs of each person according to their

preferences, always advising the best option.

karla Cosme & Lluis A. Suárez.

The website is every day updated, a lot of products we have in stock but is not visible on the page, for some information about a product that you didn't find, please contact us.